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This is an Amber game set in a Victorian world (or worlds).  The tech level is roughly 1880s-1890s; gunpowder works.  The world(s) the PCs have grown up in has been isolated from the larger Amberverse.  See The Status of Canon for more details on the larger Amberverse.  

The player characters are grandchildren of Corwin, founder of the lost realm of Montmartre.   The PCs' parents are the rulers of the various known realms, which had been inner shadows of Montmartre. Forty years ago, Le Schisme divorced those shadows from Montmartre and separated the PCs' parents from the rest of their family.  Since then, the four great rulers of the realms have been on their own, separated from the rest of their family and the source of their power in Montmartre.  Corwins Pattern and Trump are erratic at best.  More details at The Powers.  

The game begins with the player characters gathered at The End of the Line for the fortieth observation of Remembrance Day.  More precisely, the day after.  

More details on chargen are available at Character Generation.  

There is also list of the campaign's Player Characters.  

Main Page

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