Lillian [not Of The Blood]

Half-sister of Isabelle


Aunt Lilly is what my mother called her. Her older half sister, Lillian and Isabelle shared a mother, so Lillian was not of Corwin’s blood. This didn’t matter to Isabelle. She was a full sister in her eyes and one of her best childhood friends. Lillian had been a strong influence for Isabelle and had largely set the wheels in motion for her interest in ruling and maintaining a society that both respected a citizen’s individual interests and culture, and also demanded of them ultimate loyalty and fealty to the crown. Lillian had been a jealous sister that did not suffer Isabelle’s inattention in the slightest but also defended and protected Isabelle with all of her being. Her disappearance had deeply effected Isabelle and was a major launchpad for Isabelle’s lofty ambitions.

The story Justice knows best is when Lillian had saved his mother from a gang of ruffians intending her harm through sheer grit, determination and a bombastic royal presence. Never lifting a finger, Lillian had bluffed Isabelle out of a painful lesson.


Lillian [not Of The Blood]

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