Character Generation

The character sheet is available in the Media Library tab (tabs on the left), under then name MontmartreCharSheet.pdf.  I've tried to make it as self-explanatory as possible.  I'm sure there will be questions; email is best for that.  See The Powers for details on arcane abilities.  

All of the player characters are grandchildren of Corwin, born after Le Schisme to one of his children.  Please don't create an entirely antisocial PC: each PC should like more of the other player characters than they dislike.  NPC cousins / aunts / uncles are another matter entirely.  In fact, the entire field for your character's allies and enemies is limited to the NPC family members.  I haven't generated any NPC cousins/siblings — mostly I'm leaving that to the players (the sooner the better).  If you generate at least one cousin/sibling, you get your first ally free.  

I'd also like each character to have a memory of one of The Lost.  I'll ask the players to share the memory, and what it means to their character.  Feel free to invent lost cousins for this purpose.  

Unless you buy a Trump Deck, the only trump cards you will have at the beginning of the game are of your parents and any allies who are family members.  Any card that is of the younger generation will be even less reliable than a card of one of The Elders; see Trump notes in The Powers

Items:  as you may have deduced, items and their costs will not be using the standard rules.  Anything other than what is specifically called out on the character sheet will have to be negotiated with the GM — both the powers and the cost.  Silly stuff like Conferred Psychic Immunity is right out.  Also out is Danger Sense and anything else that makes the GM's job harder.  In general, don't use the book powers as a menu.  Start with an item concept and then let's work out what the item does.      

Shadows:  The "defense force" troops are trained to a moderate standard and will not be effective in any shadow which isn't a great deal like their home.  The optional troops are trained to a higher standard, and will be reasonably effective in strange lands and conditions.  

Character Generation

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