Shadows of Montmartre

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Pre-con banter, 20016

Drew:  Roughing something out now… Do we know any more about the 4 children?  Personality types etc.?  There are 'Lost' Children of Corwin as well?  And Lost cousins…. hmm


Lee:I can flesh out the personalities a bit tonight.  OTOH, if you want to do that yourselves before I do, feel free.  Same thing for the Lost children of Corwin (I'm figuring one or two here, and not children of Dierdre, as La Belle Helene is explicitly the single child of that union.  And she clearly has Single Child Syndrome to the fullest).  

Also — any cousins or siblings among The Lost would have  been born before Le Schisme — while you all are born after.  Possibly there is a missing but not Lost cousin who tried to reach The Lost and went missing in the process.  


Allen: Oh yeah, Helene is my kind of crazy.

Ah, the lost are pre-schism. I missed that the first couple of times. Alright, yeah, I can flesh a quick country song of a lost elder sib and a missing twin. As for a mother with daddy issues, only child syndrome, and an incessant need to be the center of attention that leads to jealousy and bitterness at her own children – yeah, I'm pretty sure I've got Helene's number. ;)


Drew: Gregori carries a cameo/locket.  It is of 'Nana'.  He found it in a chest within a summer home in Baden where he often stayed as a child.  Marie and Sigmund both say little more than 'She was with her Grandfather..' Neither has ever said whose child she was/is.  Neither demanded that he give up the locket either..


Allen: Corinne, sorceress and eldest daughter of Helene; and lost. Albrecht has a journal of hers. Mostly notes on magickal workings, experiments and such. With scribbled notes in the margins, (terrible handwriting for such a meticulous woman.) She was a tightly wound spring, intense and tenacious. She didn't suffer fools gladly, and suffered her mother even less.
Allen:Aveline (Albrecht's twin)  She's been missing for years, looking for a way to reach Isle de Paris. Where as Albrecht has always leaned towards the practical applications of power, Aveline tended to be heavier on lore and theory. Trying to figure out where Aveline went is what led Albrecht to finding Corinne's journal.
Drew: Questions:  

I see some items with additional forms,  and shadows with resistance to Shapeshift.. however Shapeshift does not appear as a Power….thoughts? Is it known?  (also no Lore)  Are there creatures like weres that transform?
Also, another Lost: Sabine. An aunt. Sabine was born sometime after Helene and introduced to court by Corwin with no mention of her Mother. She played and relished the role of Scandal, moving between court and town with ease and aplomb, and never being a part of either. She is best remembered through her collection of frank advice to courtier's and romantics collected from a column she ran in the Paris press. 

Archibald Du Leon, noble of Cologne, father of Albrecht and Aveline. Former consort of La Belle Helene. Their relationship was one part political and two parts thrilling chemistry. Archibald wanted a powerful partner with a taste for the wilder and finer things. Helene wanted a political pet and a distraction. It only worked long enough for the twins to be born. The relationship between himself and Helene is sporadic, some times antagonistic, some times flirty, some times political, and some times a wild night. They are both good and bad for one another, which leads to a rather "dynamic" exchange between the two.

As far as Aveline and Albrecht are concerned, Archibald loves his children and wants the best for them. That said, he tends to be very hands off with their doings, believing they should be responsible for handling what ever problems they've created for themselves.


Amy: Danielle, Daughter of Sigmund. Danielle would follow in her fathers footsteps and be a tinker/artificer. However, She is also a falconer, and some years ago picked up the eccentric habit of going everywhere with a companion raven..


Felicity:<u>  Simon in Scarlet:</u>Valentine doesn't know his name, but he watched over parts of her childhood from the great full-sized portrait in the Red Room, a grand but almost completely unused spare bedroom in her father's palace. Why did she like the room? Perhaps it was him: she liked his pensiveness, and he was obviously her father's work — though she was forbidden to touch the painting in the strongest possible terms, she recognized the style from an early age. Perhaps it was the menagerie of glass beasts displayed on a hutch there, which she would take down and progress in parade across the beautiful red carpet. Elephants and great stags with shockingly wide antlers, great tortoises and stranger things with horns or batwings beautifully rendered in lampwork. It was a quiet place, for the servants only came once a week to dust, and she could read under the dust-ruffle of the bed or practice dramatic monologues to the Man in Scarlet's polite thoughtful look, or, when she was older, sunbathe on the little balcony undetected.

She did ask who he was, when she was ten, and her father said he was Lost. Upon further pressing he barked that he was named Simon Says, and Simon Says Don't Ask.
I thought up a wife for Jean-Paul because missing moms are so overdone (Gawd, Shakespeare): Thérèse was a close friend and lady-in-waiting to Marie before Jean-Paul took up with her and swept her off to another Shadow to make her a queen — Marie might still be a little grumpy about it, but Thérèse is a peacemaker and wants everyone to get along. Her somewhat pugnacious daughter is a little bit of an enigma to her (Valentine also has fun, but she's not very peaceful either way.)
Drew: So… Why would Girgori and Albrecht hang out?  What would they know about each other?
Allen: Albrecht is Helene's son and an artificer out in Albion. When not in the shop, he'd be out at the nearby libraries and academies, doing research, or out at some tavern doing, ahem, research.
So aside from knowing that your mother and my mother are at odds, politically, what would Albrecht know about Grigori?
Albrecht isn't much interested in the rituals of high society or the wheeling and dealing of court politics. His kind of troubleshooting and problem solving is hands on, "more practical in application," as he'd put it.
Amy: If Danielle's father Sigmund doesn't have a wife named yet, the first picture here would be her mother Lady Ane, a sorcereress of the Golden circle and a rather dreamy, elegant lady who maintains the order and beauty of Sigmund's estates.

The Second lady would be her sister Catalin, a very adventuresome woman who was known for roaming as far afield as current conditions will allow, and returning with odd mementos of her travels. 
After one such trip, she returned with a sword which she insisted was named Murasame, and she inexplicably and whimsically gifted  Murasame as a bequest to her yet-to-be born niece Danielle.
So accustomed was Catalin's family to to her sudden disappearances, that some of them are still doubtful whether she is really amongst the 'lost', or if she just hasn't got gotten around to coming home yet. 
Regardless, in due time Murasame became Danielle's, and in honor of this odd bequest she trained quite rigorously in the old-fashioned skills of sword fighting. She is also a known falconer, a tinkerer in the skills of Artifice, and has developed the eccentric habit of going about everywhere with a rather large Raven in attendance. Danielle is a social enough creature, but hardly the ladylike being her mother hoped for, and is generally considered well on her way to becoming as eccentric as her errant aunt.
Felicity: Enemy: Estelle. It is difficult to say who began the dislike between Estelle and her cousin Valentine, but it is settled and rancorous. Estelle, dainty as a silk flower on a hat, says that Valentine, despite her good manners and elegant dress at formal occasions, is mannish and uncouth merely because she enjoys dueling. Valentine says that Estelle has a lovely figure for a short woman, but an oddly shaped one for a walking snake. Elaborate social traps and stings between the two of them have made Valentine's once enjoyable trips to her aunt Marie's sparkling capital increasingly frustrating.

Here is Justice's memory of one of the lost:
Aunt Lilly is what my mother called her. Her older half sister, Lillian and Isabelle shared a mother, so Lillian was not of Corwin's blood. This didn't matter to Isabelle. She was a full sister in her eyes and one of her best childhood friends. Lillian had been a strong influence for Isabelle and had largely set the wheels in motion for her interest in ruling and maintaining a society that both respected a citizen's individual interests and culture, and also demanded of them ultimate loyalty and fealty to the crown. Lillian had been a jealous sister that did not suffer Isabelle's inattention in the slightest but also defended and protected Isabelle with all of her being. Her disappearance had deeply effected Isabelle and was a major launchpad for Isabelle's lofty ambitions.
The story Justice knows best is when Lillian had saved his mother from a gang of ruffians intending her harm through sheer grit, determination and a bombastic royal presence. Never lifting a finger, Lillian had bluffed Isabelle out of a painful lesson.
Pre-con banter, 2017

Jill:  I'm assuming based on the character description she Avilene will be point heavy in Lore and sorcery?  I imagine her as passionate and obsessive, getting caught up in the mystery of her grandfather and the schism and the lost family.   I also imagine her as a big of daredevil without fear, planning her trip to find the castle.  Preparing and preparing and nothing to dissuade her from going.  I'm also imaging she is very fond of her twin.

Few questions:
1)  Do demons exist?  Thinking about a familiar/companion for the journey
2)  Who is Corinne's mother?
3)  If you are more a scholar than a doer does the Lore, how does Lore come into play?
4)  Is Yossane a business partner to Albrecht or more than that?
Allen: I left Corinne's parentage hazy on purpose. Leaving her to Lee to use the ambiguity in whatever way made the world more interesting. Yossan is, and must continue to appear to be, only a business partner. Though he despises politics, Albrecht is not naive. Any serious romantic interest runs the risk of entangling his life with politics, most especially should Helene decide to involve herself. So Albrecht keeps his relationships casual and his partnership just that, a partnership. All of which appears to work just fine with Yossan.

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