SettingThis is an Amber game set in a Victorian world (or worlds). The player characters are grandchildren of Corwin the Great, King Under the Silver Sun, founder of the lost realm of Montmartre. The PCs’ parents are the rulers of the various known realms, which had been inner shadows of Montmartre. Forty years ago, Le Schisme divorced those shadows from Montmartre and separated the PCs’ parents from the rest of their family. Since then, the four great rulers of the realms have been on their own, separated from the rest of their family and the source of their power in Montmartre.  Trump and Pattern have both been erratic and difficult to use; the older generation has essentially stopped using them.  Sorcery seems unaffected.   

The tech level is very roughly 1880s-1890s.  Travel between shadows is along established shadow paths.  Most shadow paths are either sea lanes or train lines (and the roads that follow the train lines).   

See Main Page of the wiki for leads to more background information.  

Shadows of Montmartre

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